Tory Burch Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in New York (ITW)

Tory Burch symbolises the American chic. Easy to wear styles, exotic and summery to perfection, with tie dye prints made by women of Guinea. This is a complete wardrobe, consisting of polo shirts, sweaters embroidered with rhinestones, pencil skirts, shorts and collarless jackets. For the evening, she turned the polo shirt into a dress and favours comfort above all.

Music from the fashion show

Tory Burch : Being comfortable, I'm wearing light weight fabrics and making things fluid, and easy to move in and it's something I personally would want to wear.
A lot of dresses, we took the polo shirt and turned it into an evening dress, I wanted to look at evening in sort of a different kind of way, and make it more relaxed, and then we would put it with Moroccan slippers, so for me I love evening but I think it's interesting not to be so ballgown-ish and I thought how could we make it with more of a laid back style.
So that was so fun, I met this wonderful woman and I said `I love your fabrics' a week later she went back to Guinée and we had hundreds of women working on tie dyeing fabrics for our show and men who made all of these rings, I, really interested in working with artists in different countries, so really this is the perfect collaboration, it worked out so well.

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