Tory Burch Spring Summer Collection 2014 in New York (ITW)

It’s a return to the sixties for Tory Burch. The American designer has been inspired by Romy Schneider from the Jacques Deray film ‘La Piscine’and she finds herself immersed in the look, elegance and sophistication of an actress. In addition, there is a bucolic aspect that she has scattered here and there, flowers being printed on a number of her designs while green and white are the colours for the summer. Crochet and pierced leather underline this graphic aspect while A-line dresses and tops rule. The materials maintain their delicacy, the silhouettes their chic…

Tory Burch: Jane Birkin and Romy Schneider and ‘La Piscine’ were the inspirations: it’s such an exquisite movie and time. I love how straight-forward it was and the casual elegance and just more minimalist but then how do you make it really truly special and then focusing on proportion and beautiful cuts and shapes and the fabrics. There was the idea of elements of a garden and this is a print I took and it was Queen Anne’s lace and blue-prints from my garden and my mother is an organic gardener so I love flowers, I’ve grown up with it and even in the movie there is the freshness of the palette, green and white. I just wanted it to be very focused and very choral.

Music from the show

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