Adidas pledges to use only recycled polyester by 2024

German sportswear giant Adidas announced on Monday it will switch to using only recycled polyester in its shoes and clothing in a bid to make the business more environmentally friendly. The goal is expected to be fully implemented by 2024.

Adidas has been collaborating with Parley for the Oceans since 2016 - DR

The efforts are part of a sustainability strategy that saw the company use recycled ocean plastic for the manufacture of trainers and sportswear. Over one million pairs of the Parley collection have been sold worldwide, according to the company’s 2017 annual report.

Eric Liedtke, head of Adidas’ global brands, told the Financial Times that the company would like to completely cut the use of virgin polyester in the future. This is a long term vision, because most of the brand’s 920 million individual items feature some form of polyester.

The pledge positions Adidas as a leader in terms of sustainability at a time when more and more consumers switch to eco and green alternatives amid growing awareness of the fashion industry’s environmental impact.

Translated by Barbara Santamaria

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