Adidas warns US consumers of possible data theft

Sportswear company Adidas has warned consumers in the US about a potential data security incident. On June 26, it discovered that an “unauthorized party” that claims to have acquired information from a number of Adidas consumers, it said in a press release on Thursday.


Based on a preliminary investigation, Adidas believes the data included contact information, usernames and encrypted passwords of customers who have purchased items through the US website. There is “no reason to believe” that credit card details or fitness data was impacted, said the company.

In a press release warning consumers, the German manufacturer said it has begun taking steps to determine the scope of the issue and is working with leading data security companies and US authorities.

More and more companies are falling victims to cybercrime, including Adidas rival Under Armour, which in April was forced to admit a much larger hack attack. The US company’s calorie counter app MyFitnessPal was targeted, with 150 million user accounts hacked.

Translated by Barbara Santamaria

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