Bags play with the big trends for summer 2013 (with itws)

Whatever it is at Tila March, young accessory label with simple and pure lines or on international runways, the handbag adapts to every season and continually follows trends from ready-to-wear, bringing a final touch and fashion to a silhouette…
Focus on shapes, colors and essential must-haves of the summer. First major trend: the big rather ‘jolie madame’ bag, structured and functional, which is held by hand!
It’s true that the shopper bag is perfect for summer: in a soft skin or stiff leather, printed, embroidered, a little tote-like becoming essential.
We will dare bright shades for summer but won’t forget white; a major must-have. This neutral tone has the advantage of going with everything and adds freshness. Moving onto the other indispensable item: Fendi’s "baguette" bag which follows the arty trend!
It never ceases to be talked about: the clutch, true new essential accessory for the hand!
Finally, to keep your hands free, the embellished shoulder strap bag works well. Very desirable in a mini version, dressed with metal chains, it gives you the choice of how to wear it. You’ve understood; the bag is a must, playing with the big trends for summer 2013.

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Silvia Fendi : With the Baguette bag, I wanted to remove all the buckles, all the metals, by working only on the shape of the bag which is so iconic. It’s a very subtle mix of colors, metals with strong tones; it’s a Baguette bag that’s worked almost like a mosaic. There is a prospective and architectural work. We got rid of the buckle, removed the central part, and it’s like how it was before.

Tamara Taichman: For me, just like accessories, the bag is what defines the style.

The first bag I created was a day bag and I think it’s one of the most practical bags and with which one can use for all occasions.

I try to find the detail, not the details; it’s quite emblematic of the brand.

This summer, I played a lot with colors, I played around with the graphic side with patchworks, graphic mixtures of colors and I wanted strong colors, bright yellow, orange, swimming pool-blue.

I like mixtures, I like unusual mixtures of materials, and I like mixtures of prints, a lack of taste is necessary to have a style.

Clutch bags work very well, I am asked a lot for them and I think it is a very useful bag because you can wear it at night and you can also carry it the day in a day bag and I think that today the clutch is an essential accessory.

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