Walter Van Beirendonck Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interview)

Designer: Walter Van BereindonckAtmosphere: Large yellow curtains, a long yellow catwalk, and a tranquil, captivating music plays. The designer calms things down with this collection entitled “Owls whisper”.Collection: From the first looks, the Bereindonck men walk wearing large coloured coats with rounded silhouettes and long, pointed sleeves.+ The suit dominates in masculine textures comprising a vintage spirit.Focus on: The shirts and jackets reworked into structured pleats and layers in order to obtain animal forms which emerge from the garment in shimmering colours.The sparkling knitted lurex jackets.To note: The “punk from another world” wigs, and graphic makeup.The shoes and boots with patchworks of colour.Interview Walter Van Bereindonck:The name of the collection is ‘Owls whisper’, because, for me, an owl is a very intelligent animal, and so we begin by shouting, or speaking very loudly. Now, everyone begins to speak very loudly.For me, it’s important to go further after all the projects that I’ve done, the fabrics, the prints, the brocades, and the patchwork … but to go even further.For me, the cuts were very important, to work them into the very simple and very sculpted fabrics.This is an inspiration from a tribe from Nigeria, and they create very dynamic sculptures with very large arms, and so yes, it’s a very sculpted form. That was an inspiration.We wanted a contrast between the very rigid and colourful fabrics, and very plain fabrics with an almost home tailored style. Music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)

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