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Heart stopper: Amrose, the slip-on sneakers that tell stories at our feet

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The amrose label was founded three years ago. it’s about slip-on knitted sneakers in white cotton hessian created by océane castanet which have become a heart stopper. this young french designer had the idea to collaborate with women who she crossed paths with during her travels, from iran to portugal. embroidery and crochet that tell colourful stories found at our feet, available on the e-shop but also in pop-up stores around the world. from “hello miami” last december, amrose joins mira mikati and sarah andelman in a new pop-up, “hello tokyo”, in japan to celebrate the arrival of spring.interview with océane castanet (designer, founder):it’s really about the meeting with these women. basically, i wanted to tell stories about shoes, but i didn’t necessarily think about exactly how i would do that. in fact, it’s women who do knitting, embroidery etc, and i thought it was a good way to start to make embroidery in a different and original way.it’s about understanding their culture because they haven’t necessarily received the same education, so there are even women that i taught to count, because when you do crochet, you have to count the number of hooks for the size. it also happens that i go to their homes to train them because on this day they can’t travel… so there’s a very important human side. the idea is really not to focus on a country but to meet women who already have an artistic and artisanal ability and work with them.