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#TheBestIsYetToCome - Interview with Christophe Josse, couturier

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Christophe josse-couturierwhy #thebestisyettocome?for those who have not been too affected by this period, we must arm ourselves with optimism and positivity to approach the future with dynamism and desire. we have forgotten that the ordinary is extraordinary and with the daily influx of information and images, we no longer take time to look at and appreciate what is beautiful. how can we reinvent ourselves?fashion, by definition, induces a permanent, recurring change. it also initiates and follows it. fashion embraces the changes in its time by summarising and adapting to it. can fashion be a driver of change?the fashion of tomorrow will establish another temporality, a greater value of the environment, a prominent place given to crafts, lovely materials, respect, and the demand for beautiful things. finally, we are not far from the precepts of haute couture.what about a 100% digital fashion world?i can’t imagine how we could express the sensory experience of a touch, of an appreciation of colour, of the sensuality falling from a garment, for me, that means something what will constitute a luxury in the future?create a strong link between creation, the eye, the heart and the inspiration of another.what is your next challenge?in short, it’s about pleasing and touching. the best is yet to come